Hijacking the Runway

How Celebrities Are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers

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In Hijacking the Runway, author Teri Agins chronicles the astounding tsunami of celebrity that has inundated the world of fashion, realigning the forces that drive both the styles we covet and the bottom lines of the biggest names in luxury apparel.

The prevailing system since the 1950s-- when designers and fashion houses once ruled-- has disintegrated, fragmented by overwhelming shifts in popular culture forced by the explosion of social media and the accelerating worship of fame and the famous that it feeds upon.

Hollywood stars have always furthered fashion’s cause of seducing the masses into buying designers’ clothes, acting as living billboards. Now, red carpet celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Lopez to Sarah Jessica Parker to Carlos Santana to Sean Combs  have their own fashion and fragrance labels. Joining them are a host of stylish, influential people, as well as the  reality show stars of the moment  (namely Tory Burch, Christian Siriano, Kim Kardashian and assorted Real Housewives), who leverage the power of their celebrity to become the face of a fashion brand embracing lucrative contracts that keep their images on our TV and computer screens and in our magazine pages.

A few celebrities – like twin actresses, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen  and Victoria  Beckham – have gone all the way and reinvented themselves as bonafide designers. Not all celebrities succeed, but in an ever more crowded and clamorous marketplace, it’s increasingly unlikely that any fashion brand will succeed without celebrity involvement – even if designers have to become celebrities themselves, which Tom Ford, Michael Kors John Varvatos ,among others, have done.

Teri Agins charts this strange new terrain with wit and insight and an insider’s access to the fascinating struggles of the bold-faced names, their jealousies, insecurities and triumphs.


"It was just a matter of time before celebrities-- with their delusions of grandeur and omnipotence-- might attempt to conquer the world of fashion. Hijacking the Runway shows who's making it, who's faking it and why we're all along for the ride.  Teri Agins  delivers a wicked combo:  journalism that's a smashing, fun read." --  Simon Doonan , Creative Ambassador Barneys New York and author of The Asylum

"Hijacking the Runway is rich, gossipy and rewarding in its insights about the romp of celebrities through fashion. A brilliant reporter, Teri Agins documents the clout of Jessica Simpson and the magical yearning of Kanye West, amid other vivid portraits in a story waiting to be told. Agins gets the scoop."
Cathy Horyn, former New York Times Fashion Critic

“You can always trust that Teri Agins will deliver all the heretofore unknown, deep-dish on the inside workings of the fashion industry. Hijacking the Runway reads as an intimate conversation with one of fashion’s key insiders and is delivered in a voice as quick, sharp and knowledgeable as its author.”       -Tracy Reese, designer